Bahri Desalination

About Water Desalination

Bahri Desalination is a key player in positioning Saudi Arabia as a disruptive innovator and industry leader in the global desalination sector.

Our floating desalination platforms, developed in partnership with trusted global manufacturers to ensure consistently high availability levels and compliance with all applicable international and local codes and standards, deliver exceptional value to SWCC and support the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Our Impact

Through our long-term partnership with SWCC, we will drive economic growth and development in the Kingdom while fulfilling a fundamental need for the people of Saudi Arabia.


Contributing to a Vision

Across our operations and throughout our value chain, we are focused on building indigenous capabilities and capacity, in line with the directives of Saudi Vision 2030.


Long-term Commitment

We will provide a trusted and consistent source of desalinated water to serve the needs of the businesses and people of Saudi Arabia, with an initial production timeline of 20 years.

Our Desalination Platforms

Our platforms provide an effective, efficient and secure solution for sustainable growth and diversification in the desalination sector.


Geographic Flexibility

Based on a modular design, our platforms can be quickly and easily deployed to other locations when needed.


Environmental Responsibility

Our platforms are designed to minimize potential environmental impact on the coastal area and preserve diversification of the shallow sea ecosystem.


Innovative Design

Our platforms are based on specially adapted barges, which are over 123.3 m long and 36.6 m wide.

Why Bahri Desalination?


High Production Capacity

Each floating platform has a capacity of 50,000 m3 per day of desalinated drinking water for the next 20 years.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Our desalination platforms apply industry-leading design and advanced reverse osmosis technologies to ensure efficient and reliable production of high-quality drinking water.


Industry-leading Fleet

With a fleet of 90 vessels, Bahri is one of the world’s largest owners and operators of Very Large Crude-oil Carriers (VLCCs), as well as one of the largest owner and operator of chemical tankers in the Middle East.


Bold Purpose

Bahri is blazing a trail in the global maritime industry by bringing together deep expertise, broad scale and cutting-edge technologies to deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions by sea, land and air.


Long Term VLCC Market Player

Long term VLCC market player with fundamental focus on strategic long-term alliances with major global Charterers, generating sustainable value addition to both Charterer and Owner

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Bahri Desalination

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