A career at Bahri will take you far. Sail into your new career with Bahri.

Careers At Sea

Master the seas and the latest shipping technology as you explore the capabilities of our pioneering vessels.


Challenge yourself to achieve on a scale you can’t yet imagine. We want you to innovate, solve problems and deliver incredible solutions in a career within the unique world of shipping logistics and transportation.

Trainee opportunities

Launch your career in the global shipping and logistics industry with hands-on project experience working alongside seasoned professionals both in office and at sea.

No other career offers the excitement and opportunities of shipping

Bahri nurtures talent. It drives our success as a pioneering global logistics service.

We will support you with a personal development program, so you can strive for excellence throughout your career.

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A career at Bahri

Bahri employees are encouraged to achieve their best.
We support individuals who innovate and experiment with skills development and training to reach their full potential.
Feel lifted up by working with a vibrant multicultural office of people collaborating to achieve the Bahri vision.
With a global network of offices and sailing to more than 150 ports, a career at Bahri could take you to places you’ve only heard of. So what are you waiting for?