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About Bahri Oil

Bahri Oil is one of the leading providers of crude oil transportation services for the last two-plus decades and is the exclusive provider of VLCC transportation for Saudi Aramco’s CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) sales.

Our Vessels

One of the largest independently owned and operated fleet of modern Very Large Crude-Oil Carriers (VLCCs) in the world.


39 VLCCs

2.2 million barrel capacity per vessel means we control a current owned fleet with a total capacity of approximately 13.4 million DWT on the water.


Cargo Flexibility

Each VLCCs can transport up to three different grades of crude oil or fuel oil simultaneously with option to configure to carry more grades.

Trade Routes

Bahri Oil fleet trades on all major international VLCC routes from Arabian Gulf, Atlantic and Mediterranean to destinations across the world including US, North West Europe, China and India.



Bahri’s VLCCs load their cargoes from all the major loading ports regionally and globally such as Ras Tanura or Yanbu in Saudi Arabia, Sidi Kerir on the Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, West Africa, North West Europe and other regions.

The most frequent discharge destinations are USA, North West Europe, the Red Sea, India and the Far East i.e. Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc.


Need something else?

Talk to one of our agents if you don't see your route here. Our strategic partnerships give us enormous flexibility for our clients.

Our Service

Bahri Oil through its customer focused approach and commitment towards excellence develops and maintains strong, long-lasting relations with its global clientele, which includes international oil companies and traders


Unrivalled Expertise

Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, Bahri Oil manages and optimizes global load programs to exceed the expectations of its global client portfolio. The business unit’s superior route management, high utilization rates of its vessels, balanced charter agreements with reputable charterers, and better knowledge of the market dynamics on account of being both an owner and charterer, ensure commercial and operational flexibility and optimization resulting in greater customer and shareholder value.


Operational Flexibility

Our large fleet provides the flexibility to swap and accommodate customer requirements to optimally schedule and deploy vessel.



Safe, reliable and timely delivery of customers' cargoes is our top priority. Our dedicated expert team ensures every aspect of the voyage from loading to transit to discharge is delivered to the highest professional commercial standard.

Why Bahri Oil?


Long Term VLCC Market Player

Long term VLCC market player with fundamental focus on strategic long-term alliances with major global Charterers, generating sustainable value addition to both Charterer and Owner


Highest Quality Standards

Fleet is maintained to the highest quality standards through proactive and rigorous planned maintenance program. Being the shipping arm of Oil major and refineries is a testimony that stringent levels of quality as required by oil major is adhered to and met.


Best in Class Business Practices

Backed by its extensively experienced professional commercial/operations team Bahri Oil follows best industry business practices and highest value to customers with a constant endeavour to improve business relationships


Extensive Operational Experience

More than two and a half decades of unparalleled operational service to the satisfaction of customers around the world


High Quality In House Technical Management

In house technical management of the fleet by highly experienced personnel provides quality fleet flexibility and quicker turnaround time to address any requirements

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Bahri Oil

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