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About Bahri Dry Bulk

Transport grains, coal, iron ore, barley and other dry bulk cargoes with the premier bulk carrier in Saudi Arabia.

Bahri Dry Bulk is a joint venture company between Bahri (60%) and Arabian Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO) (40%).

We are driven to become a leading and competitive dry bulk logistics provider in the region, expanding to the global trade in the near future, being innovative and setting high standards in the industry.

Vessel Operations

Our partnership provides a vast network of assets offering seamless and efficient supply chain management services, whilst maintaining the highest degree of ship management expertise.



Five dry bulk vessels are on a long-term contract with ARASCO transporting around 1.3 million tons of cargo per annum from North and South American ports to Saudi Arabia.


Fleet Expansion

A fleet of 11 carriers with 4 new dry bulk ships were delivered by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) in 2020. Book now to benefit from the latest international tech specifications.


KSA Flag Carrier

Bahri Dry Bulk proudly sails under the Kingdom’s flag from all major KSA ports to the world.

Vision & Mission

Grow with us.

Saudi Vision 2030, our innovative experts and our high standards are driving us to become the leading dry bulk logistics provider in the Gulf and around the world.

We are actively exploring opportunities to work with like-minded global organizations, acquire tonnage, increase KSA exports, and build on our sustained business growth.

Why Bahri Dry Bulk?


Commercial Trading

Major clearing houses deliver our commercial trading of Forward Freight Agreements (FFA) and bunker hedging.


IMOS Voyage Management System

The latest cloud management tools that support our clients and crews throughout a voyage.


IMOS Trading Module

Top-of-the-range automated tools that monitor and manage FFA risk and position, so we can effectively hedge against risks that may impact profitability.


DA-Desk for Port Management

We use the best-in-class system for port cost management.


Baltic Exchange

Our commitment to the Baltic Exchange Code of Conduct is part of our membership. Their motto Our word Our bond reflects our values of ethics and integrity.


Full-Service Company

All-encompassing expertise from merchant engineers to logistics managers, navigational routing experts to account managers and everything in between.


Corporate Strategy

Our ambitions drive our growth. We have consultancy studies in place focusing on Corporate Strategy to continue delivering for our clients.


Open and Ethical

Bahri uses transparent operational processes and procedures.

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Bahri Dry Bulk

Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

Olaya Towers (Tower B) Floors (15)
Olaya District, Olaya Street

P.O. Box: 8931, Riyadh 11492