As a result of its ongoing commitment to taking the quality of its services to the next level and building a strong long-term business relationship with its partners, Bahri has created iSupplier Portal, an online platform to serve as a dedicated communication channel between suppliers and contractors, and Bahri’s Supplier Management department.

This platform is fast and convenient – saving time and effort for users, and enabling easy access to a larger segment of suppliers and contractors in the private sector.
The overarching objective of this portal is to increase competitiveness and quality, which in turn, will contribute to the growth of the economy and support the creation of local content in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the portal will also contribute towards the achievement of positive results through the establishment of solid and unified foundations based on performance quality, greater speed in delivering information, and the creation of more effective communication channels.

Through the iSupplier Portal, you can easily register your company to be included in the system as a Bahri-certified and approved supplier or contractor. Thereafter, you can conveniently access information related to invoices and orders, financial transactions, performance evaluation, and data management.

Prior to registration, please read the instruction manual and ensure that all the required documents are available in either PDF or Word formats and ready to be attached.
Your registration as a supplier or contractor on this portal does not guarantee that you will receive RFQs or LPOs from Bahri, and will not give your company an ‘approved’ status. This portal simply allows us to initiate the process as the first step in communicating with potential suppliers and contractors. Upon registration, you may be contacted based on our business needs and requirements at any given point.

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