Our growing fleet encompasses

92 vessels with more on order.

  • 39
    Very Large Crude-Oil Carriers (VLCCs)

  • 36
    Chemical and Product Tankers

  • 6
    Multipurpose Vessels

  • 11
    Dry Bulk Carriers

The Fleet
A total of 40 VLCCs
The length
Each VLCC has a length of 333m
The speed (knot)

01. VLCC

Bahri Oil owns and operates the world’s largest fleet of double-hulled Very Large Crude-Oil Carriers (VLCCs) built to the highest international standards. Oil transportation is a major business sector for Bahri.

  • Vessel Capacity: 2.2 million barrels

  • Fleet Capacity: 11.6 million DWT

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The ramp on each of the vessels
15.5m wide and 6.8m high
The speed (knot)
The length

02. RoRoConPlus

Bahri Logistics’ RoRo vessels are all equipped with heavy-lift cranes and specialize in several types of Ro-Ro cargo as well as general and project loads.

  • Vessel Capacity: 26,000 DWT

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The speed (knot)
The Beam
The capacity
46,000 DWT each

03. Chemical Tankers

For the transportation of liquid chemicals, clean petroleum products and vegetable oils, Bahri Chemicals’ 36-strong fleet of high specification modern, medium-range coated chemical tankers offer flexible solutions. It is the largest fleet of its kind in the world.

  • Fleet Capacity: 1,749 million DWT

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The length
The Beam
The speed (knot)

04. Dry Bulk Carrier

Our environmentally-friendly fleet of Nine modern, state-of-the-art, large capacity, fuel-efficient vessels are on a long-term contract with ARASCO.

  • Vessel Capacity: 1.3 million tons p.a. (approx.)

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