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Bahri Relying On Big Data To Drive Growth And Transform Maritime Industry Dynamics

01 SEP 2016

dentifying Big Data as the next frontier for sustainable business growth in the maritime industry, Bahri, a global leader in logistics and transportation, has rolled out a series of initiatives aimed at harnessing the power of “Data Innovation” to enhance productivity, unlock opportunities for growth and transform existing operations model in the shipping industry.

As the pioneer and foremost exponent of data-driven decision-making in the maritime industry, Bahri has created a dedicated Big Data platform – called BahriData – as part of its efforts to improve its operating performance and drive data innovation within the global shipping industry, and has assembled a team of specialists to embed sustainable analytics into the fabric of the organization.

Bahri is also actively supporting the development of an ecosystem of partners from the maritime industry, academia and industry labs to drive data-driven advancements and enable their application in the shipping industry.

“Big Data is already playing a larger role in shaping the future of the maritime industry than previously imagined,” said Ibrahim Al Omar, CEO of Bahri. “By embracing analytics and turning data into actionable insights, shipping and logistics players have an opportunity to drive improved efficiency and quality. In the long run, this will help transform their organizations into smarter, more dynamic entities that have a more informed picture of market trends and demands and are better prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

“Bahri has pioneered the use of Big Data technologies in the regional maritime industry to achieve sustainable growth and facilitate the overall development of the sector. We have already seen how, by maintaining a sustained focus on Data Innovation, we are able to eliminate or mitigate many of the risks typically associated with the shipping industry, while gaining a clearer understanding of how the market is shaping up and how challenges can be turned into opportunities,” added Al Omar.

Bahri’s cross-functional team of experts – comprising maritime industry professionals and technology specialists – is working on developing several Big Data models that will help streamline and enhance all aspects of the company’s operations. The models cover a number of key business areas including Chartering, Voyage Management, Fleet Operations, Connected Ship, Maintenance, Customer Control Tower and Customer Service.

With a current owned fleet of 83 ships and carriers and a diverse service offering that includes shipping of crude oil, oil products, chemical, bulk and general cargo, Bahri is relying on the competitive advantage it expects to gain from its steadfast focus on Data Innovation, to diversify its reach across all lines of business and emerge as the leading global operator by 2017.