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Bahri Provides Job Opportunities To Maritime Studies Graduates Of King Abdulaziz University

07 JUN 2017

The company signs an agreement with KAU to provide training programs for students on board its vessels

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – June 07, 2017: Bahri, a global leader in transportation and logistics, has announced the signing of an agreement with King Abdulaziz University (KAU) to provide training opportunities to KAU’s Marine Sciences graduates on board its vessels. Bahri will offer intensive practical training for students undergoing Marine Navigation and Engineering programs at KAU as part of its ‘Bahri Society’ initiative. The move comes in line with the company's commitment to contribute towards achieving Saudi Vision 2030 and its ongoing efforts to train Saudi youth, improve their skills and develop their expertise in the maritime sector.

The ‘Bahri Society’ initiative aims to support local talent and develop a pool of highly qualified individuals that will build a prosperous future for the Kingdom and contribute to economic and social development through their skills and expertise.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bahri will find a berth on board its managed vessels for KAU Marine Sciences students, allowing the cadets to carry out their ‘sea time’ and any other tasks or projects which they are required to complete as part of their study program. Bahri will ensure that the cadets have suitable accommodation and food on board and are treated in the same manner as any cadet that Bahri would employ on board its vessels. As part of this sponsorship agreement, Bahri will absorb the costs involved for each cadet that undergoes training on board its vessels. These costs will include airfare, visa, monthly salary and food allowance. Bahri's senior maritime officers will assess the trainees based on the procedures applied by the company, thus contributing to the enhancement of training outcomes.

The program, which includes 60 cadets in this year's edition, will involve practical maritime services training on board Bahri’s commercial vessels, where the student is trained in two phases for six months each. Upon completion of the practical training, the student returns to the Faculty of Marine Sciences to complete the curriculum to obtain their Certificate of Graduation based on their specialization (Navigation or Marine Engineering).


“As one of the leading companies in transportation and logistics, Bahri is committed to recruiting and training the best marine officers and engineers in the world and facilitating the continuous development of our human resources,” said Ali A. Al-Harbi, Acting CEO, Bahri. “Identifying and supporting young talent is one of the main pillars of our ‘Bahri Society’ initiative. As part of this initiative, we have launched a training program for Marine Sciences students that will enable them to enrich their knowledge and gain practical experience in a diverse work environment, while ensuring that they acquire the skills and expertise suited to the nature of the work they will undertake under the supervision of Bahri’s experts.”

Abdulaziz Sabri, Acting President, Bahri Ship Management, said that the aim of the program is to develop the skills of young cadres and enhance their talents within a well-designed scientific framework that will help drive the growth of the marine sector at both the local and international levels. Sabri pointed out that, upon graduation, the students will get the chance to work at Bahri and secure their career.

Ahmed Bakar, one of the trainees, said about the program: “It has been a great experience being part of this program. I had the opportunity to operate navigation devices and assist the Navigation Officer in steering the ship, as well as learn about maritime distress calls and safety systems. I also got to participate in many practical tasks such as verification of shipping systems, examination of ship devices, and others. There is no doubt that I have gained valuable experience in this area, and I think that I will be ready to graduate with the rank of naval officer soon.”

Last year's Marine Training Program included 29 students from King Abdulaziz University and 27 students from Saudi Aramco, working in the Department of Docks and Maritime Management.