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Bahri reiterates company-wide commitment to innovation in transportation and logistics sector

20 DEC 2017

Nation-wide roadshow draws attention to company’s innovative approach to highlighting its services, milestones and future opportunities

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – December 20, 2017: Setting a new benchmark in brand engagement and awareness, Bahri, a global leader in transportation and logistics, recently launched a nation-wide roadshow on a state-of-the-art truck, to highlight the company’s services, key achievements and future opportunities.


Following its launch, the Bahri Truck Roadshow has already visited several government and private organizations in Saudi Arabia. The roadshow has made stops at the headquarters of Saudi Coast Guard, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), and Saudi Railways Company (SAR), allowing the entities the opportunity to learn more about the growth story of the Kingdom’s maritime transportation sector, as well as to discover Bahri’s journey through modern and sophisticated technologies integrated into the truck.


Equipped with the latest technologies, the Bahri Truck Roadshow introduces valuable information about the history of Bahri, since its inception in 1978 to its latest achievements in 2017, including the launch of "Door-to-Door Services. In addition, the roadshow offers visitors insights into the company’s endeavors in Big Data analytics and how it leverages the technology to achieve increased revenue growth and cost optimization, as well as to make rapid strides in smart operations and customer service excellence.

“The Bahri Truck Roadshow provides us with an excellent opportunity to reiterate our emphasis on harnessing innovation and new technologies, not only to enhance our offerings, but also to improve our communications and strengthen relationships with our customers. As we wrap up another successful year, it makes us immensely proud to highlight our unmatched contributions toward bolstering the Kingdom’s economic integration and connectivity regionally and internationally, and our commitment to the Saudi vision 2030 through supporting the Kingdom's position as a strategic hub and logistic gateway that connects the three continents. Additionally, an interactive map in the truck displays the global reach of Bahri and maritime connectivity by displaying new routes of vessels operated by its business units; a strategy that strengthens the Kingdom's position as a unique regional hub,” said Wael Al-Sarhan, Senior Vice President – Marketing and Communication, Bahri.



Al-Sarhan added that Bahri Truck Roadshow will continue its tour in 2018 to reach out to Bahri’s clients in the Kingdom. Besides various government agencies and ministries, the roadshow will make stops at universities to introduce students, especially in specialized colleges, to the logistics and maritime sector, and inform them of its unparalleled contribution to the growth of the Saudi economy.