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Bahri highlights market-leading offerings at MENA Desalination Projects Forum

16 MAR 2022

Bahri Desalination, Bahri’s new business line, underlines its commitment to driving regional desalination industry’s growth and development


Abu Dhabi, UAE – 16 March 2022: Bahri, a global leader in logistics and transportation, today concluded its successful participation in the 3rd MENA Desalination Projects Forum, the largest of its kind in the region. In the presence of Eng. Abdullah Aldubaikhi, CEO of Bahri, the company’s new business line, Bahri Desalination, showcased its state-of-the-art leading solutions including innovative floating desalination platforms and sponsored networking lunch during the two-day event held from 15-16 March in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Eng. Abdullah Aldubaikhi, CEO of Bahri, commented: “Across the industries in which we operate, Bahri has always remained at the forefront of efforts to accelerate growth and development by driving meaningful conversations around the future of these businesses. Bahri Desalination’s participation and support for the MENA Desalination Projects Forum are an extension of this commitment. The event provided us with a strategic platform to showcase our innovative solutions, strengthen our partnerships, and connect with our customers. We also gained valuable insights into the new and emerging trends in the desalination sector, which will inform our product innovation and business strategy.”


Bringing together over 400 regional and international stakeholders from the government, consulting, contracting, and technology sectors, the MENA Desalination Projects Forum discussed the future of the desalination industry, key upcoming mega projects, and national sustainability visions driving the region’s 2030 water agendas. Delving deep into key challenges facing water scarcity, the Forum explored the latest solutions that can enable sustainable and environment-friendly water desalination and ensure sufficient water supply for the region’s growing population.


Bahri forayed into the desalination sector in 2019, when it signed a 20-year agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC). The contract involves establishing three floating stations to desalinate seawater and transfer it to the stations’ desalination tanks, producing 150,000 cubic meters of water a day.


The company’s relocatable floating desalination barges ensure consistently high availability levels and comply with the best local and international standards. Located three kilometers from the shore, the barges feature cutting-edge water treatment processes involving seawater intake screens, integrated self-cleaning strainer with ultra-filtration, and reverse osmosis treatment and remineralization. The platforms, which are fitted on specially adapted barges that are over 123.3 m long and 36.6 m wide, have a modular design and therefore, can be quickly and easily deployed to other locations when needed. Notably, they are designed to minimize potential environmental impact on the coastal area and preserve diversification of the shallow sea ecosystem.