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The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) Announces the opening of the nomination period for the board of directors’ membership for the next term

16 OCT 2022

Introduction Reference to Bahri’s announcement on 19th of September 2022G, the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia announces the opening of nomination for Board of Directors’ Membership for all board seats including new seat, for the upcoming term of three Gregorian years starting on 16th of January 2023G and ending on 15th of January 2026G.



Board Membership candidacy shall be in accordance with regulatory requirements, polices and Board Membership standards and procedures approved by the General Assembly for the company (attached)



Board Membership election for candidates shall be in the upcoming General Assembly meeting, which will be announced later after obtaining the necessary approvals from competent authorities.

Type of Assembly New Session
Assembly Start Date 2023-01-16 Corresponding to 1444-06-23
Assembly End Date 2026-01-15 Corresponding to 1447-07-26
Number of members 10
Application Start Date 2022-10-23 Corresponding to 1444-03-27
Application End Date 2022-11-22 Corresponding to 1444-04-28
Applications Submission Method Applications and supporting documents must be submitted to Mr. Abdullah Ali Almosa in the following methods:




1. Email: [email protected]



2. Submitted personally to Mr. Abdullah Ali Almosa’s office in Bahri’s head office located in Riyadh - Olaya Towers (Tower B) Floor (15), Olaya District, Tahlia Road intersection with Olaya Street, location can be reached through the following link:



3. Sending Application via mail on the following Address:


Abdullah Ali Almosa

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia

Olaya Towers, Tower (B), Floor (15).


Olaya District, Tahlia Road intersection with Olaya Street


P.O. Box 8931, Riyadh 11492,


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Phone: +966 11 478 5454 x 150

Application Requirements Candidates must fulfill the requirements for candidacy for Membership of the Board of Directors according to the following:



1. The candidate shall not be convicted of an offense against honor, honesty or integrity.

2. The candidate shall hold a university degree.

3. The candidate shall have appropriate practical experience and knowledge in the business field.

4. The candidate preferably has experience in the Maritime shipping sector.

5. The candidate must not be an owner of a competing business to the company.

6. The candidate must not be a Board Member of more than five listed companies at the same time.

7. The candidate must not be a board member in a competing company.

8. The candidate must not be a past employee of the company whose employment was terminated by the company in the past three year for whatsoever reason.

9. The candidate must have the capacity to allocate sufficient time to perform the duties for the Board Membership.


Those wishing to nominate for the company board of directors must submit the following:


1- Resume for the candidate as per (form (1) Resume) in Word and PDF format as issued by the Saudi Capital Markets Authority clarifying their personal information, qualification and experience in the Arabic Language (attached).

2- Saudi National ID or Family Card.

3- Candidates/ delegates/ representatives of legal person must fill and sign disclosure form number (3) issued by the Saudi Capital Markets Authority (attached) in Word and PDF format.

4- Candidates must fill the form of Issuer’s Board of Directors, Audit Committee, Senior Executives and their associates information as per form (3) issued by the Saudi Tadawul Group (attached) in PDF and Word Format.


And the Nominations and Remuneration Committee will review completed and submitted applications within the application period as per the approved requirements and relevant laws and regulations, and it will consider in its review the diversity of academic qualifications and practical experience for the candidate. Priority for nominations will be given to candidates that hold the necessary skills needed for a board member. All applications rejection justifications will be documented.


After reviewing, the Nominations and Remuneration Committee will submit its recommendations to obtain all necessary regulatory approvals in preparation for the nominations for the new Board of Directors by the General Assembly which date will be announced in a later on.

Attached Documents

 cma-form-1.pdf form-2.pdf form-3.pdf