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The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) announces the start of the electronic voting on the items of the Extraordinary General Meeting agenda (First Meeting)

14 JUN 2023

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Announcement Detail With reference to the announcement of the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) on Tadawul website dated 09-11-1444H corresponding to 29-05-2023G regarding inviting its shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting (First Meeting) which will be held on Monday 01-12-1444H corresponding to 19-06-2023G at 07:15 PM via modern technology.



Bahri would like to remind its registered shareholders that the electronic voting will start at 01:00 AM, Thursday 26-11-1444H corresponding to 15-06-2023G and will continue until the end of the Extraordinary General Meeting.


Kindly note that registration on Tadawulaty and remote voting are freely available to all shareholders at the following link:


Kindly also note that there will be a live streaming link for the assembly meeting available on Tadawulaty services system.



For any inquiries, please contact Investor Relations Department via:


Telephone No.: 011-4785454 ext. 232

Email: [email protected]